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Who is Softroc?

Softroc® emerged from an ever growing industry of poured in place rubber surfacing professionals. We have over 30 years of industry experience giving us the expertise and knowledge to meet the demands of a growing market.

We are dedicated to providing high quality rubber and binders, professional installation training, and a team of experienced sales staff. Softroc® empowers their members by ensuring they have the necessary skills, tools and materials to install poured in place rubber surfacing exceptionally. 


Through our growing network of MySoftroc members, you will find Softroc® being used in a wide variety of applications from swimming pools and decks, playgrounds, home gyms, garages and so much more.

Softroc Benefits

Impact and slip resistant

Remains flexible in all environments

Retains and reduces heat

Covers cracked, broken, and shifted surfaces directly over top

UV and chemically stable


Long lasting

Seamless appearance

Easy to repair

Available in a wide range of colors

Custom design work

Noise reduction for indoor projects


Endless Applications

Our high quality rubber granules and binders can be installed on a variety of surfaces to create the perfect anti skid surface.

Pool Decks

Our flexible poured in place rubber surfacing is anti skid and cool on hot summer days!

Trails & Pathways

The natural anti skid properties of rubber combined with our unique blenders are perfect for a stairs, pathways, and wheelchair ramps.


Rubber Safety Surfacing can be installed to meet city regulations while creating beautiful, colorful designs.


High durability rubber granules can be installed in high traffic areas over concrete, asphalt, and many other surfaces.

Athletic Facilities

We are customized to meet your safety, design, and style requirements, while providing fall protection.

Splash Pads

Our surfaces are non-slip when wet, making them the perfect surfaces for wet deck areas where falls are common.


High quality rubber and binders ensure long-lasting and durable surfaces in all weather conditions.

Patios & Porches

Our custom mix process allows for endless color combinations to fit any aesthetic requirements for your patio.

Golf Courses

Rubber Safety Surfacing impact absorbing properties prevent fly away golf balls and provide a comfortable surface for golfers.


With over 30 years of management and install experience we uphold the highest standards of quality and service.


We provide you with the tools, materials and resources needed to complete projects. If help is needed, we have training and support initiatives to help you succeed.

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